Care & Handling

of your artwork

The work is completely archival, but as with
any fine art, care should be taken. So here
are some tips for a lifetime of viewing pleasure.

All work should be handled by the edges like a
CD. The larger 12" and 18" PANELS should be handled by the edges or back rails, never the face.

Direct sun and severe ambient temperatures
must be avoided. Prolonged temperature above
120 degrees can cause the resin compound to become unstable. Equally damaging are temperatures below freezing which may cause
the resin to crack or separate from the aluminum substrate.

Never use cleaning agents.
DURING the 1st YEAR the surface is more susceptible to impressions or scratches. If dust becomes noticeable we recommend dusting very gently with a very soft dedicated makeup brush. Blowing the dust away with compressed air such as that used to clean electronic and photo equipment is another good option.
AFTER the 1st YEAR a soft cloth can be used to gently buff the surface. The resin hardens over time.

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