the beginning of a pour


about the work

The medium is an organic resin that consists primarily of beeswax. A proprietary formula developed by the artists.

The colors are derived from a variety of natural materials such as lichens and earth minerals as well as oil pigments.

In much, but not all, of the work specimens of nature collected by the artists from around the world are embedded into the resin in minimalist abstract compositions that exemplify the simple beauty of their forms. Cool little treasures from simple seeds and pods to things from more unusual origins such as kelp and the fibrous 'paper' culled from a hornets nest are used.

The medium is fused by heat onto hand finished aluminum panels. The rich depth and luminosity is created by the penetration of light through the organic medium and its reflection off the substrate.

The work is completely archival. The colors do not fade nor do the elements degrade in any way, they are sealed in the resin as well. However like any fine painting there is some fragility, direct sun and severe ambient temperatures must be avoided. (see Care & Handling)

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